About us


1967 Founding of the painter’s workshop in Odelzhausen in the Sternstraße

1978 Expansion with shop and relocation to Bergstraße

2001 Handover of master painter Vinzenz Schweis to his son painter and painter master Christian Schweis

2007 Commissioning of one of the most modern color mixing machines of its time for the 40th anniversary of the company

2009 Training as a Cotec designer at the Cotec Academy and joining the Cotec cooperation

2010 Opening of the showroom in Bergstrasse for Cotec design surfaces

2012 Relocation to Oskar von Miller Street and opening of the modern color studio with mixed service.

2013 Opening of the artificium and the showroom on the upper floor of the company headquarters.

2015 Enlargement of storage capacity to handle flexible and fast customer requests.

2017 50th company anniversary as a big event and many new innovations.

2018 Sikkens premium partner with distinction as premium dealer

2018 Repositioning as “BIO Painter” and expansion of the ecological material range.

2019 Opening of the Zeit-Raum on the upper floor of the artificium as a place of consultation and inspiration for refinements.



For more than 50 years, the name Schweis has become an indispensable part of the painting trade.

Numerous successful self-trained painters testify to the deep bond with this craft and the associated high quality awareness.

Standing still means going backwards, and so both the company management and the employees are constantly evolving.

Because every customer has the right to tailor-made performance, the best materials and a perfect execution. Appreciation is always based on reciprocity.

Only the right material with the knowledge to use it selectively, creates unique surfaces.